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Tottenham Chelsea
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities through individual skill
Created a high number of chances relative to their possession
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities through individual skill
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from through balls
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from the flanks
Were strong at finishing
Were aggressive
Were aggressive
Gave away a lot of free-kicks around the box
Were caught offside often
Were caught offside often
Attacked down the left side
Favoured through balls
Attacked down the right side

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Comments (67)

  • Love it

  • Chelsea is not that good actually, above average only, but will be a challenge for them to aim for top 4 this year. However, it is due to Spurs own stupidity with people like Romero and others who play violently that cost them this match. This match will be a turning point for Spurs and make them lose their chance to be number 1. However, I think they will remain at Top 4 unlike Chelsea.

  • @Leokh Before ruzzian money bought the club they were an average EPL Club (like ManCity). It will continue to be like that.

  • @stuckonautomatic Less than average. In the early 1990s their home attendance was sometimes less than 9,000 (and that includes away fans).

  • @MEHJones Chelsea are a top 10 club in the history of European competitions. I'm not going to list all the statistics, you can look it up yourself. Whereas Tottenham have been average during their whole history. At least Chelsea had a long period of great success and it doesn't matter where the money came from. What are Tottenham's greatest successes? Some FA Cups in the 80s? B*tch, please! Chelsea are the biggest London club in Europe and Arsenal are the biggest London club in England. Tottenham are on West Ham's level - they think they are big, but actually they are absolutely irrelevant.

  • @Sputnik Did anyone deny that Chelsea hadn't been successful recent European competitions? It's objectively true that Chelsea were a small club in the early 1990s. Club size refers to fanbase size and always has done.

  • @Sputnik how come Chelsea is top 10 in the European history?

  • @tar88s They have won 8 European trophies total - 2 Champions Leagues, 2 Cup Winners' Cups, 2 Europa Leagues and 2 UEFA Supercups. This places them 2nd in the English clubs' standings by performance in European competitions ahead of Manchester United with 7 honours total and only behind Liverpool. Not only that, it places them 9th in the all-time clubs' standings in European competitions behind only the biggest of the big clubs - Real Madrid, AC Milan, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Ajax, Juventus and Inter Milan. The Tottenham fan knows this deep down, but it would pain him to admit how big Chelsea actually are. Tottenham are nowhere near the level of Chelsea in Europe and Arsenal in England and they will never be at that level. It's no wonder that they have almost no fans outside of the UK.

  • @Sputnik The point being made - which you seem to have missed - is that Chelsea were a small club in the early 1990s. That's objectively true.

  • @Sputnik I absolutely agree about Tottneham :) However if we talk about CL, Chelsea is no. 11. If you just add up all the cups - maybe, but is not quite correct to count Europa League or cup Winners cup the same as Champions League.

  • stupid Udogie ������

  • I don't think Udogie and Romero can complain too much. Typical that Chelsea should finally find their composure against Tottenham.

  • Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham all drop points in a round where City win by 5 goals. Way to show us the script, FA! *thumbs up*

  • @Sputnik Not even a script, it’s just that City are ruthless and no one else is

  • @sarigginsUSA Tottenham and Arsenal were the only unbeaten teams before this round. Not only did they both lose, they lost under shady circumstances. First of all, Newcastle's goal against Arsenal should not have stood. Second, Tottenham were controlling the game until Romero got a dodgy red card. If Tottenham had remained with 11 men throughout, Chelsea had no chance whatsoever to get the 3 points. I didn't watch the Liverpool game, but a friend said there was something fishy there too. There is an obvious script, the only question is why the FA would want City to win 4 titles on the bounce.

  • heroically*

  • Spurs playing with 9 men, playing heroicly while defending the 1-1, till Chelsea scored the 1-2. That's not quite the Liverpool deja vu, but we can all agree that it's karma. Maybe even poetic. Chelsea is still rubbish though.

  • @Big_Boss Yeah, bit of a payback for the Pool match. Still have no idea, how 1st Chelsea goal was disallowed, but tbh I don't rate Michael Oliver too highly, ever since the RM-Juve incident. "Chelsea is still rubbish though" At least the bookies will be encouraged to give better odds for us against them in the upcoming fixtures now that "they seem to be on track" lol.

  • @DanInter For the standards Chelsea are chasing, they are underperforming by a lot, especially when you consider the stupendous amount of money they invested in the new squad. Sterlings disallowed goal is perhaps the result of the ball hitting his hand before his second attempt found the goal.

  • @Big_Boss Yes, Sterling's goal was disallowed for handball. It clearly did hit his hand. Under the current laws that's not a goal. However, one of Chelsea's other goals, the long shot, probably should have stood.

  • Chelsea defence trying their damn hardest to equalize the match for Spurs lol.

  • If it stays 1-2, it could kick start Chelsea's season and seriously disrupt Tottenham's (who already now have two players suspended and two others injured).

  • @MEHJones Doubt this would set back Tottenham, even with 9 man, they are fighting in high spirit. Chelsea also has some brutal fixtures coming up, and they don't look that comfortable despite playing 11 to 9.

  • @DanInter We'll see. Hope you are correct.

  • What a ridiculous match!

  • Can anyone explain why the second Chelsea goal wasn't offside?

  • @MEHJones Sterling went from deep (just slightly onside from defender), Jackson received the ball in a position where Sterling was ahead of him (so not offside, despite no defender between him and GK).

  • @DanInter Thanks, I only saw it once.

  • Vicario's experience of being under pressure is keeping Tottenham in the game so far.

  • After two red cards Chelsea likely to win this game

  • Refereeing kind of ruining the game. Disallow a legit goal for Chelsea (from the still picture the goal before the penalty wasn't offside) only to give a ridiculous red card and penalty in return.

  • @DanInter He probably should have sent off Udogie for that first challenge. Udogie got the ball more cleanly that Curtis Jones and it was certainly wasn't as bad as yesterday's Havert's challenge. However, even before that the ref had allowed a lot of fouls on Tottenham players such as Maddison to go unpunished early on.

  • Udogie fit, Johnson starts, Mudryk on the bench. :)

  • bts

  • What are the odds someone will get sent off?

  • @MEHJones wtf bro

  • Spurs 1:0

  • 1-0 Spurs, Son goal.

  • As others have said, Chelsea have width which could threaten Tottenham. Mudryk and Sterling could cause Porro and Royal problems. Also although still somewhat untested, Tottenham are fairly weak in the air. Chelsea will get chances. Tottenham will need Bissouma to have a good game and Johnson may find joy behind Disasi. It'll be interesting to see how Poch reacts if Chelsea go behind. Both teams have injury worries but Chelsea's appear greater. Nevertheless, Chelsea's bogie team status could help them get something from the game. Tottenham to score from a cut back (Son) and medium range shot (Sarr or Johnson) whereas Chelsea will score from a wing play (Sterling or Palmer) and header (Mudryk). Tottenham 2-2 Chelsea

  • Last season Chelsea had a terrible record against teams in the top half (P20 W1 D7 L12). The only top half team they beat was Villa and that was in October 2022 when Villa were awful. This season that record seems to have continued as they haven't beaten anyone currently in the top half (P4 W0 D2 L2). However, the two draws were against Arsenal and Liverpool at home. Tottenham's record against teams currently in the bottom half is played 6 won 6 but they shouldn't take this fixture lightly.

  • yet too early for spurs to start stumbling...moreover, the injured are returning ...spurs dont hv to divert for eurocups....thats a huge advantage...i dont see them troubled until christmas

  • Before the season started, many people expected the fortunes of these two clubs to be reversed. As far as Tottenham goes, most people underestimated Ange, Tottenham's current squad (e.g. Son, Kulusevski, Bissouma, Udogie, Sarr, Romero, Porro, Højbjerg, Royal, Davies, Perisic), Tottenham's new signings (e.g. Vicario, Maddison, Van der Ven), and their ability to build momentum from some early decent results. As far as Chelsea goes, provided they don't hit the panic button I expect them to finish the season strongly once their finishing clicks.

  • @MEHJones If it stays 1-2 it could kick start Chelsea's season and seriously disrupt Tottenham (who already now have two players suspended and two others injured).

  • Tottenham will play like final...over 1.5 first half I predict full time 4-1

  • @buthethi It probably would have been the reverse scoreline, if not for the red cards.

  • Im not surprised if it wil be a draw

  • Bet W1

  • 2-1 Spurs

  • Tottenham to win.

  • 12 & Under 3.5 @1.93. Low scoring game

  • bts

  • x2

  • Thanks to mr. Poch I suppose my team will lose this game.

  • Spurs to lose here and Chelsea to get all 3 points.

  • Spurs 2-0

  • Home DNB

  • Tottenham have won 10 of their last 13 home games in the premier league.

  • I predict if Chelsea win that a lot of fair weather plastic Chelsea fans we haven't seen for a while will come out if the woodwork to gloat.

  • @MEHJones irony anyone?

  • @eastend1 Where is the irony? It's obvious from my comments before the match that I thought it was possible that Tottenham would lose. I could have predicted that gutless West Ham fans would also show up but I generally don't even remember that they exist.

  • @MEHJones *"out of the" (FFS I wish there was an edit)

  • @MEHJones It's not that serious

  • @MEHJones ))

  • 1-3 Chelsea

  • 3-1 spurs