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  • Palmer had the last laugh on his former club MC taking the penalty under huge pressure.

  • Chelsea - Anthony Taylor 4:4.

  • @Sputnik How did he help City?

  • 92nd minute, 3-4 and City still playing a high line, allowing Chelsea to freely counter. Diaz was dumb for making that tackle, but they shouldn't even be in that position. Guardiola just watching the match, 0 change in match plan regardless of the state of the game. This one stinks for sure.

  • draw "out of nowhere" ;)

  • 4-4 great game of football.

  • Gvardiol error led to a goal? What have ppl been smoking?! Yes he poorly reacted but this wasn't an error that led to a is going on here?!

  • @moo13 Obvious error, that lead to goal. You must have been watching a different match.

  • @moo13 indeed, it was error by Pep

  • Don't watch a lot of EPL these days, but the defending this match is atrocious (esp. City's). Lazy marking at corner, Gvardiol nearly falls over the ball to gift assist.. And even apart from the two conceded goals, their midfield is non-existent when it comes to defending. Chelsea is having probably their best game of the season, but they are also getting gifted a lot of chances.

  • 2-2 coming, but rightly stupidity of Pep is punished, how on earth play Gvardiol at left-back? lol, maybe against Burnley.

  • @koziol.mutant who must he play there?

  • @koziol.mutant yeah sure, send your CV to Man City's staff, you clearly know more about the game than Pep

  • @koziol.mutant he is not playing "left-back", he is playing left centre-back.

  • Draw.

  • 1-3

  • Over 2.5 goals @ 1.96 Odds (Betfair)

  • @Marbella That was easy ! :)

  • Chelsea will show the World why are the best team in the Universe...with Palmer having a lot to prove to Pep, sterling ready to go and James on the wheels, City will strive like at Arsenal with more possession, nothing more; Haaland never scores against the Mighty Blues, Doku will try but with DeBryune out, the blues will own the midfield thus controlling the pace...its a weekend of upsets so why not believe in a resurgent Blue Team, right? Chelsea 2 - 1 ManCity

  • @Aei Keep dreaming

  • @yagunnersya It would have happened, if not for that meddling Anthony Taylor.

  • Over 2.5 Goals

  • 2-2 out of nowhere

  • Jeremy Doku to score anytime IF he starts the game @ 4.50 Odds.

  • 2

  • MC have lost 3 of their last 6 away games.

  • 4-1 city