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  • Haaland only 1 goal. What a failure.

  • Ward-Prowse is on fire yet again.A great signing for West Ham.

  • West Ham win or draw could be possible. They have played well against the big teams and are at home.

  • City �� win

  • It is against City so West Ham is going to lose...what they need is to not lose confidence to face other teams after....0-3 to 1-4 looks about right...the robot will want another hattrick before the UCL...

  • @AramisMick you mean The ork?

  • @DzidaZawodnik ...yup...like the Hulk only understands "SMASH"!!! This Ork only understands "SCORE"!!!!... " :p

  • 1-3 MC

  • 2-2