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  • If possible the club should be returned to Roman ����

  • Boehly out!

  • Let Chelsea be a cautionary tale, though it probably won't be. This reckless abandon for spending spending spending does not work.

  • Hopeless ...

  • this must be the season of their relegation, or bring Potter back?

  • Even as Chelsea supporter you just have to bet against them. I wonder how they're still rated as strong favourites in these kind of matches.

  • Chelsea's transfer spending has gone beyond the €1 billion mark in just three windows since the Todd Boehly/Clearlake Capital takeover in May 2022.

  • never known any team in history to get worse after spending on average 250m in 4 transfer window within a year

  • Chelsea are such a joke lmaooo

  • Chelsea over 1 BILLION in transfers and cannot win games :)

  • Chelsea are on holiday. They won't win and they don't even care.

  • Btts

  • Must win for Chelsea, a long term supporter but slowly losing faith in them, potential clean sheet for Sanchez but can they score? Smh...1-0

  • Bet W2

  • If it was a Chelsea filled with matured player,this is a comfortable win but money miss road FC can bottle this here nonsense club,villa win, Bournemouth should have won against Chelsea if the attack was good at finishing

  • Chelsea have Won just 2 of their last 17 league matches.

  • 1-1