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  • If you can't, make sure they also don't. Arsenal's rebuilding fails to get a result once again, good ebening,

  • Man City now 2 points clear at the top with 6 games to go.

  • Lol, Arsenal going to lose the league and get kicked out of the CL

  • Arsenal 0-2 down LMAO :)

  • Arsenal bottling it now :)

  • Arsenal have conceded in 8 of their 15 home league games.

  • Arsenal has a slight edge of an extra day rest compared to Villa, not to mention that they are at home. Arsenal 3-1 Villa.

  • @GoonerRSA looool

  • draw

  • @FF2021 3-0 gunners

  • @DavyK looool jokes on you

  • Luiz suspended for Villa. Should be a straight forward win for Arsenal.