Match Outcome Statistics
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* 3-way betting is when you bet on the match result as one of home win (1), draw (X) or away win (2)

* Halftime/ Fulltime betting is when you bet on the outcome combination of both periods

* Ex: 1/2 means in the end of the first half Liverpool will be leading but the match will end Manchester City winning

* Double chance betting is similar to 3-way betting but in this case the bet covers either one of two possible outcomes

* Ex: 1/2 means in the end of the first half Liverpool will be leading but the match will end Manchester City winning

  •   Liverpool
  •   Manchester City

Goal Scoring Statistics

* Over/Under bets are the ones when you bet on the number of goals exceeding or not exceeding a certain limit.

* Ex: Over 2.5 means the total number of goals will be over 2.5 such as; 2-1, 2-2, 3-2

* Correct score betting is when you bet on the exact score outcome of the match.

* These statistics show how many times a team scored a certain amount of goals

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* There are different betting markets when goaltimes statistics can be used, such as Liverpool will score in the first half.

TIP: Usually goal time bets are done during live matches.

* Clean sheet / Failed to score statistics can be used to bet on either one of the team keeping a clean sheet in a match.

* Keeping a clean sheet means that the team will not concede a goal.

  •   Liverpool
  •   Manchester City

User Predictions

Comments (38)

  • Allister dive! Liverpool is not good enough

  • @Jaffe148 show me how you got kicked in the chest and standing still

  • Liverpool and Manchester City are the worst alleged "best teams in the world" in football history.

  • @Sputnik Bro that was the most intense game of football any two teams have played in this decade

  • Easily the most intense game and atmosphere of the season, and in fairness we should have taken our multitude of chances, but how that wasn’t a penalty by Doku on Mac Allister in the end God only knows

  • @sarigginsUSA Because "the best england referee" has no balls..

  • I hope they sell Salah in the summerto Saudi, I really do.

  • @dzvinka get a life

  • Díaz should see a shrink so he can learn not to sh*t his pants in front of goal

  • DIVING Nunez!

  • @Sputnik Sputnik, please for once in your football watching life, get some brain cells

  • @sarigginsUSA I will say this once again - you are from the USA, so it's like you didn't say anything at all.

  • @Sputnik if it's a dive then how ederson got injured? There was clear contact

  • 51 minutes into this match and the team in front is Arsenal.

  • @MEHJones Which is a good thing for everyone except Tottenham fans I guess :-P

  • Can someone explain to me why that's not a red for ederson?

  • @ken.ho.106 man cheaty

  • am watching this match with a lot of chicken drum stick in my mouth, can't talk now

  • i hope city or liverpool win becuase i don't want arsenal to win the league

  • @Faded you re absolutely correct, but i hope you find peace when Arsenal wins

  • Ederson, Walker (C), Stones, Akanji, Ake, Rodrigo, De Bruyne, Bernardo, Alvarez, Foden, Haaland

  • 0-1 Foden

  • Haaland To Score Anytime +100

  • @KingKeno or should i say, its always haaland or BURST

  • @KingKeno its always haaland or never

  • Draw for Arsenal.

  • Var should be good in this match today.. Lfc won’t get any help today.

  • 2-2 or home win

  • BTTS and Over 2.5 goals in the game.

  • @Marbella scared of your predictions

  • @jacobasil Cannot win all the time

  • -1 draw

  • If a win, the winner will be PL Champions

  • @Jimic And if it's a draw, Arsenal will be champions.

  • @Sputnik champions of March yeah

  • @Sputnik looool

  • city win