Probable Lineups


Probable Lineups Statistical Comparison

(69) 49 Goals 71 (94)
(58) 43 Assists 46 (70)
(6.6) 6.8 Average Ratings 7.1 (6.8)
25.1 Average Age 28.1
185.3 Average Height (cm) 183.2
(1) 1.2 Shots pg 1.6 (1.2)
(48%) 53% Aerial Duel Success 54% (53%)
(0.7) 0.7 Dribbles pg 0.7 (0.7)
(1.3) 1.1 Tackles pg 0.9 (1.3)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in Premier League.

Missing Players

Man City
Player Reason Status Rating
Ryan Sessegnon Out N/A
Manor Solomon Out 7.05
Fraser Forster Out N/A
Destiny Udogie Out 6.71
Timo Werner Out 6.68
Ben Davies Out 6.62
Richarlison Out 6.83
Yves Bissouma Out 6.72
Player Reason Status Rating
Nathan Aké Doubtful 6.73

Team News

Man City
  • Richarlison is absent owing to injury, and with Timo Werner also sidelined, Ange Postecoglou is expected to name the same attack line that started the win over Burnley.
  • Yves Bissouma will miss Spurs' final two games of the season with injury.
  • Another change might come in defence with Radu Dragusin coming in for Oliver Skipp and Micky van de Ven moving over to left-back.
  • Nathan Ake was forced off in the first half of Manchester City's 4-0 win at Fulham on Saturday and is doubtful to return here.


  • Tottenham need only to avoid defeat on Tuesday night to wrap up a top-five finish. However, the north London side are aware that if they are to take a point off Manchester City, it'll hand the impetus to rivals Arsenal in the title race.
  • City have scored a league goal at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, yet alone won here. The only City player who has scored at the stadium - Nathan Ake - is potentially absent, though this is a City side on a mission as they seek the title.
  • Spurs are unlikely to simply roll over for City but the visitors are favourites to claim all the spoils here.

User Predictions

Comments (85)

  • There was 34 throw ins, please check it

  • If Arsenal fails to win the title, the stupid Arsenal fans will blame Tottenham for only taking two points off City's total whereas smart Arsenal fans will appreciate all the luck they've had with injuries/penalties/deflections and point to their own performances against Fulham (x2), Villa (x2), at home to Tottenham, and away at City.

  • Tottenham Hotspur have officially proven once and for all that they are not and will never be a big club.

  • @Sputnik true

  • @Sputnik they need some reinforcements, surely striker to form "partnership" with Son like he had with Kane, what is more, Ange tactics may be figured out by opponents, so he needs some tweaks. But could be the case....

  • @koziol.mutant I think it's more the lack of specific personnel. Hard to play this all out attacking style without a proper defensive midfielder who covers for the others. Not having any wingers good at beating their man 1 on 1 also doesn't help

  • Can't even lie, this City team is weak af. If I'm going by performances against us, Chelsea is the best team in the league lmao. Arsenal are also pathetic except for their set-pieces, gifted 3 goals and they could still be glad it didn't finish 3-3

  • @KobraTHFC Yeah sure, the best team in the Prem is Liverpool

  • @Alcimario1 Liverpool are not even fourth best. Maybe fifth.

  • @Sputnik Lol delusional. We fell off hard at the end, no denying that, but we’re still 3rd by some distance and actually have a trophy to our name this season, even if it’s a bit tinpot of one

  • I'll say it a thousand times over, Guardiola is the worst thing to happen to football in ages. It's heartbreaking that the summit of footballing dominance is this boring tiki taka slop

  • @sarigginsUSA Cope harder

  • @sarigginsUSA Football is all about tactics. If you have a winning game plan the sky will be your limit. Just like Xabi with Bayer Leverkusen

  • @Abdulski97 When did I ever say anything to the contrary? It’s sad for football that the best tactics discovered so far amount to mentally boring your opponents to sleep. It’s not taking anything away from City’s dominance or denying it, it’s simply to say that the passion and entertainment of the game has died with the era of Pep

  • @Abdulski97 he actually has no plan, but multiple ones, unlikely Guardiola

  • @sarigginsUSA at least copycats like Xavi, Enrique have their butts shagged constantly in important matches, same Farteta.

  • @koziol.mutant Xabi brand of football is the future, hope he will find some disciples very soon

  • @koziol.mutant What is Xabi Alonso's brand of football? Can you explain? And please don't say things like "not losing" or "scoring late goals". What are his tactics exactly?

  • @Sputnik Tiki Taka

  • @Sputnik Basically he puts two wide players attacking the corner of the box in every play and when there’s no opening drops it back to xhaka to lift it diagonally over the top. Nothing truly revolutionary, but a bit more entertaining than City at least

  • I want Sir Ferguson to be cloned

  • fight for the most boring team to be champions (apart from vs lower level opponents)

  • If it ends positive for Man City tonight then an outright win likely over the weekend.

  • If that Haaland goal is decisive, then it's the most fitting death for the league - a typical Guardiola tap-in from a yard out

  • I thought Spurs were gonna park the bus in this match

  • @SJP14 it's almost over for Arsenal fans after tonight's game. Man City win their last game outrightly.

  • @SJP14 Why? They didn't in the last two matches against City.

  • The future of the league as a competitive force lies in the hands of Tottenham here...

  • City have been utter sh*te in every big game this season.

  • Vicario to save spurs

  • maddison is out of his depth wait and see

  • Draw

  • Foden on the left? Weird, Guardiola must think Porro is a reckless player that can be exploited. IDK who Dragusin is but this would be his 2nd game starting for Tottenham. I was hoping for a tough entertaining match but gonna have to go with City to win it. And if they score in the first half they will win comfortably.

  • Citi's win on cards...unless Vicario is the one...

  • I wish the PL goes to Arsenal , they deserve it , they had a very succsseful season , Tactically they are great, Defensively they are great , they play as a team not individuals, City wins with less effort in 80% of thier matches , thats so ridiculous, thats why iam not a fan of Man City

  • @Ortega_10 guys who's more effective and efficient amongst the two

  • @Abdulski97 Arsenal are.

  • @Ortega_10 So City does everything better than Arsenal most of the time. Thanks for the coherence

  • @Ortega_10 Well said.

  • It will be a very tight match, Tottenham have the last chance to qualify for champions league and City have the last chance to win the premier league, i think the match will end 1:1 or 1:2 with late lucky goal by Haaland as usual

  • City+over2,5, would love not City win, but....

  • Too complicated a match, needs to be avoided, anything.... virtually anything can happen

  • @Aei anything may happen but one thing is inevitable: City's victory

  • @eqbalreza City have a terrible history to Spurs. City don't have a good time travelling to london at all. Plus spurs could do arsenal a favour. Like aei said. It's worth avoiding.

  • Some people think this situation is unfortunate for Arsenal... Maybe but as Football Confidential has pointed out: "Arsenal have had virtually no injuries this season and have played a Rodri-less Man City, a Salah-less Liverpool, a Udogie-less Spurs, Isak-less Newcastle, a Bruno-less Man Utd, and a Palmer-less Chelsea".

  • @MEHJones Udogie is not a key player, mate. Everything else are excuses other teams use after they lost to this extremely good Arsenal team.

  • @Sputnik Had Udogie been on the pitch that first goal assisted by a cross from the right is unlikely to have happened.

  • @MEHJones Yeah sure, he is Maldini reborn. Do you even read things things you write?

  • @Sputnik Udogie doesn't have to be Maldini reborn to be a key player for Tottenham. Desperate straw man.

  • @MEHJones Exactly. Because Tottenham will never be anywhere near the level of that CL-winning Milan side. You did that one to yourself. Actually, they will probably never be anywhere near even the PL-winning Leicester and Blackburn sides. Ouch, that one hurt, didn't it? ;)

  • @Sputnik You clearly don't watch Tottenham. Udogie definitely has been a key player this season.

  • Many Tottenham fans want City to win so that Arsenal are much less likely to win the league. Several season ticket holders have given up their seats to stay at home. It wouldn't surprise me if several Arsenal fans (friends and family) end up in the home end. The singing and chanting might be very subdued or it could get very weird and might even lead to friction. This situation is annoying and the FA could have avoided it by scheduling this game earlier in the season. Nevertheless, I think the Tottenham players will want to win and protect their unbeaten league home record in the new stadium vs City. Maddison will want his free kick goal.

  • Tottenham to score from a Maddison free kick in the first half and City to hit the woodwork three times. Tottenham 1-0 Manchester City

  • City are going to work on that goal difference. 1-4

  • Manchester City win, BTTS.

  • City to win 0-5 and make all the Put The Pressure On FC fans cry into their Lego hair shaped pillow all night

  • @KobraTHFC Wait a second... You are a Tottenham fan, why are you mocking Tottenham fans?

  • @Sputnik bodied the fraud lol, I doubt he'd reply...ever

  • 2:4 City

  • Waiting for Spurs reality.

  • If Tottenham throw this game, they will prove themselves to be at least as despicable a club as Liverpool. Remember, the latter lost to Chelsea on purpose, so Man U wouldn't be champions in 2010.

  • @Sputnik I can't believe Arsenal gave 6 points to Villa and sacrificed their title chances just so Tottenham would miss out on top four.

  • @Sputnik Big Ange is certainly not making the same kind of statements that Francesco Guidolin did before his Swansea team rolled over for a Vardy-less Leicester (managed by his friend Ranieri) in 2016.

  • @MEHJones We're talking big clubs here, nobody cares about what Swansea did. Tottenham claim to be a big club, which means that as such, they should pursue their goals without thinking about outside stuff.

  • @Sputnik You clearly don't remember that season very well. Swansea took 4 points off Chelsea, 3 points off Arsenal, 3 points off Liverpool, 3 points off United, a point off City, and a point off Tottenham. Many people cared what Swansea did.

  • @Sputnik yeaaaaa that's exactly the level of pettiness I expect from my club, would make my day

  • Ange Postecoglou said he could be forced to play 'youngsters' due to the amount of injuries Spurs have.

  • 0-3 city

  • 2-2

  • @GoonerRSA lol

  • Easy city win and this weekend 4x in a row champions in waiting

  • Tottenham first team to score.

  • Man City win this then they only need a draw at home to West Ham for the EPL title.

  • @Marbella west ham will beat a very tired city

  • @Marbella If they draw with Westham, then they will need to win this by at least 3 goal more than Arsenal goals in the Everton win (assuming that Arsenal wins). For example if City draw Westham, Arsenal beat Everton 1-0, they have to have beaten Tottenham by 4-0 or 5-1 to win the league on goal difference. With that said, I see Man City and Arsenal winning ALL their remaining games including this one.

  • @Marbella SORRY they need 2 wins due to Arsenal goal difference at the moment. -)

  • 1-3 Man City