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  • Nunez is an amazing striker, if only the balls start rolling in.

  • It's pretty clear that Chelsea have learned the Tottenham flop from Poch.

  • How much did Caicedo cost? ������

  • Must be three times woodwork for Nunez!

  • @EvilDevil Technically 4 times, but two from saves so idk if those count

  • A few weeks back I didn't quite buy into the Bradley hype, but what a performance from him today

  • For Nunez, one of his strengths but also weaknesses is the sheer power he strikes the ball on gal with, and I personally believe that this causes the slight loss in accuracy that leads to him smacking the posts so often. 11 times now this season, so by normal standards should be on about 20 goals, aka neck and neck with Salah. Still, fantastic half from the reds, and like I said before, Anfield are really up for it

  • Jota +175 / Nunez +135 / Palmer +333 To Score Anytime

  • I feel that draw stigma might finally give way or else...Liv 0-1 Cfc

  • Liverpool 3-2

  • Chelsea will likely be a tougher nut to crack initially than is my inclination to admit, but I do believe firmly that if Liverpool can score first, they will go on to net at least 2-3 more. Compared to a normal FA cup home tie, the atmosphere was much livelier against Norwich, and a similar “multiplier” on atmosphere should apply here.

  • @sarigginsUSA Looks like I gave too much respect to Chelsea lmao

  • @sarigginsUSA You're from the USA, your input on football matters is invalid anyway.

  • @Sputnik I’ve followed football for 14 years and supported Liverpool for 12, have some decency pal

  • Liverpool have not lost any of their last 10 matches.

  • Liverpool should make the most of this season...after which it'll be another 30 years or more before they win anything again.

  • @Caseyyy1 Haha nonsense Liverpool will win trophies also with Xabi Alonso as manager. A Liverpool legend soon as coach.

  • @Thomas_Pro... Time, of course, will tell. The Man United decline, Pep's greatness and Klopp's lucky (lol) wins, show just how important a manager really is and when Pep is so good, unless Liverpool find someone equally as good as Klopp, winning will be really tough. Even more so these days with so many teams now having seemingly limitless resources. And Liverpool's resources are less than quite a few teams these days. Newcastle for instance, if they get a great manager, will be winning sooner or later, as I'm pretty sure they're one of the clubs who now have greater resources than Liverpool (I think).

  • @Caseyyy1 You have no knowledge on who will coach Liverpool in the upcoming 30 years (nor know how the opposition will fare) but you're willing to sell your opinion as fact by saying that they will win nothing. Then you post a comment with a lot of ifs and therefor basically nullifying your original post since you're ignorant of what is to come. "as I'm pretty sure they're one of the clubs who now have greater resources than Liverpool (I think)" LOL.. From pretty sure to 'I think'. Just stop it and just speculate without sounding too sure if you dont want to look stupid.

  • @Thomas_Pro And no, they will not.

  • @Caseyyy1 Two trophies at most.

  • always a draw