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  • Kane is on fire -)

  • @Marbella He could have scored more if his teammates would pass the ball to him a bit more often. In most cases he is being ignored.

  • First half draw

  • Bayern Munich Win and over 3.5 goals in the game @ 1.55 Odds

  • 4-0 or more

  • There was NOTHING comfortable about Bayern's 4-0 win against Bremen, as their 2nd goal came in ONLY the 74th minute! That's very uncharacteristic of a normal Bayern Munich and it underscores what I have been telling ever since Mr. Bean (aka. Tuchel) has been appointed as a head coach: namely that Bayern Munich's Gnabry, Sane, and Coman are NOT Bayern Munich material, as they all lack the composure and the winning mindset of past Bayern Munich players (Robben and Ribery, just two name a few). Their form is wildly fluctuating and they are just plainly incapable of providing a consistent form throughout the season. It is not a coincidence that Manchester City got rid of Sane: they noticed the attitude problems Sane has and they immediately disposed of him (which was an excellent decision, looking at what Sane does at Bayern every week).

  • @Zoltan Bayern played away from home and the entire game was very convincing, Bremen didn't stand a chance except for 10 Minutes after the halftime break. I don't know what you expect but a 4-0 on the road without any chances for Bremen after a bad defeat vs Leipzig is very convincing to me. _ But from previous posts I know that you have an agenda towards Tuchel and Bayern so I understand that you are looking for bad spots ...

  • @Zoltan I agree and disagree.. As a Bayern fan, it's not up to the coach entirely to sign players, and it's tougher for a coach if the board likes someone a lot.. Having them coming off the bench would be cool, while we are not losing.. I thought they would sign a good right winger to give Sane some competition.. I think Tuchel is a great coach; lost against Bayern in the UCL finals, then beat City the following season..

  • Bayern 3-1 Kane to score anytime.

  • @Marbella Good one :- )

  • @Marbella Nice Penalty from Kane :)