Match Outcome Statistics
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* 3-way betting is when you bet on the match result as one of home win (1), draw (X) or away win (2)

* Halftime/ Fulltime betting is when you bet on the outcome combination of both periods

* Ex: 1/2 means in the end of the first half Newcastle will be leading but the match will end Paris Saint-Germain winning

* Double chance betting is similar to 3-way betting but in this case the bet covers either one of two possible outcomes

* Ex: 1/2 means in the end of the first half Newcastle will be leading but the match will end Paris Saint-Germain winning

  •   Newcastle
  •   Paris Saint-Germain

Goal Scoring Statistics

* Over/Under bets are the ones when you bet on the number of goals exceeding or not exceeding a certain limit.

* Ex: Over 2.5 means the total number of goals will be over 2.5 such as; 2-1, 2-2, 3-2

* Correct score betting is when you bet on the exact score outcome of the match.

* These statistics show how many times a team scored a certain amount of goals

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* There are different betting markets when goaltimes statistics can be used, such as Newcastle will score in the first half.

TIP: Usually goal time bets are done during live matches.

* Clean sheet / Failed to score statistics can be used to bet on either one of the team keeping a clean sheet in a match.

* Keeping a clean sheet means that the team will not concede a goal.

  •   Newcastle
  •   Paris Saint-Germain

User Predictions

Comments (22)

  • Obviously i will get losers :)

  • Luis Enrique masterclass. When he was announced as the new PSG coach I said that he won't even win League 1. Well, now I'm not sure if he'd survive until the end of the season.

  • seems like this wont be psgs year either - surprise surprise. the game illustrated everything wrong with psg, tactically above all. midfield - nonexistent. not very useful offensively aka dominating, creating chances, not very useful defensively aka tracking opponents, covering for the defenders... newcastle counterattacks cut through so easily as a result. i wonder which enrique tactic is making the midfield so weak cuz the shape itself is reasonable. donnarumma - prone to mistakes as always. spaces too big between defenders (3rd goal), how do u let newcastle stretch u that much? attackers - very fast, made some nice combinations as we expect of psg / any superior team but they are more like pace merchants than having great technique. with no space to run into, against the low block, their biggest strengths were nullified (running). so, okay, i can accept an off-day, other teams will play more open vs psg which may help em. but the defense? conceding 4 like that? no chance they win

  • Never mind, Lens beat Arsenal so PL trash right?

  • LOL

  • 0-0

  • I have had a large bet on PSG DNB @ now 2.00 Odds

  • @Marbella "I tried to warn people"

  • Newcastle United are very good defensive and offensive but they are missing key players.. this is gonna be hard for them ��

  • @DenisTK Don't think so, PSG is in pathetic form

  • Newcastle were lucky to earn a point against AC Milan. They don’t look like a team ready for UCL football. X2 & Over 1.5 @1.75

  • Never thought I'd see the day when Newcastle would be deserved favorites heading into match against PSG. How times have changed

  • PSG usually step up a gear when it comes to the Champions League.Mbappe,Muani and Dembélé will cause a lot of problems.

  • Hard to call tbh. PSG might not be on form, but based on Newcastle's opening game in the competition, the hosts are still far from European top football. Not to mention that PSG did put in a rather convincing performance against Dortmund as well. X2 seems reasonable.

  • PSG DNB @ 1.95 Odds

  • should be goals indeed. 1x2 risky.

  • 2-2

  • 3-2 PSG