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  • Does anyone know, are Fenerbahçe going to play their Youth Team in this fixture? I couldn't understand what they had decided after their Extraordinary General Meeting, last week? Cheers, guys.

  • @RichieRochdale Fenerbahçe decided to be on the field with just 8 players which is the minimum number allowed and they all will be U19 players just to prove a point.

  • @JeanPaulBelmondo Thank you, also, Jean Paul. Well, I've seen a lot of mad things in football, over the years, but what I just watched (for all of one minute!) has to be the maddest--- ???

  • @RichieRochdale Dumbest may be a better word. I am ashamed as a Turk. Cheers.

  • @RichieRochdale the coagh/trainer frofenerbahce is sick.. so i dont think there will be play tonight

  • @erbil666 Thank you for this information.

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