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  • Gianluca Scamacca destroyed Liverpool's centerbacks.. Watch out for this guy,

  • Even if we lose it's not the end of the world - we never replaced mane and we need TAA back , +we should never underestimate a team from the big 5 leagues and should definitely study the opponent i dont it was the case today - now let's focus on prem

  • @otmae "we". Is Liverpool FC a company or a sect?

  • @DzidaZawodnik It's definitely a sect.

  • Legends say Salah is still waiting for his free penalty, just like he got against United.

  • Liverpool is out, early exit.

  • Where are those annoying Loserpool fans now? I will ask again - WHERE ARE YOU NOW, LOSERS?

  • FCUK

  • damn

  • Klopp the idiot thought it was clever to rest players.

  • @Marbella Most over-rated coach in the world.

  • Both teams to score : no

  • Salah riding the pine

  • Btts and lot of goals

  • Over 2.5 @ 1.42 Atalanta is in bad form, but takes the competition somewhat seriously while Pool at home should bag at least a couple of goals.

  • Liverpool 3-1

  • My analysis is that Liverpool will win, Liverpool has a good game from line to line. Likely to win 2-0 or more

  • Liverpool have conceded in each of their last 7 games.

  • @Marbella And scored in each of their last 24 games....

  • @Nico1 Well, not tonight, only conceded.

  • liverpool 2-0