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  • Eric ten Hag is a very good coach. Man U don't deserve him. If they fire him after he won this trophy, they are not only idiots, they will regret it afterwards.

  • @Sputnik i have been saying that for some time now. Without him, Garna, Mainoo, Diallo and Rasmus would not have prospered

  • Lol well played to United

  • Haaland very over rated player.He was just walking around for most of the game.

  • @Marbella Yes. 62 goals out of 67 for Dortmund, and only 63 goals out of 66 appearances for City. He's rubbish!

  • Glory Glory Man United !

  • Is it the end of Guardiola has just begun?

  • @koziol.mutant The 115 FFP cases will see to that.

  • What an assist from Fernandes and Gvardiol so far lol, United plays like they're horny for success today.

  • Man City have 'bottled it' big time especially in front of goal.

  • where is Casemiro?

  • @koziol.mutant British media says he was injured, Brazilian media says he wasn't. Either way, he's at home and it doesn't make any sense for a player like Casemiro to be out for no valid reason. If ETH didn't want to play him, then he would just make him sit on the bench all game.

  • @Byakuya thanks. Seems he is forced out of the club.

  • MU Onana Dalot Varane Martinez Wan-Bissaka Amrabat Mainoo McTominay Garnacho Fernandes (c) Rashford

  • MC Ortega Moreno, Walker (C), Stones, Ake, Gvardiol, Rodrigo, Kovacic, De Bruyne, Bernardo, Foden, Haaland

  • Another Van Gaal situation, will get sacked whether he wins or not. I have to admit that he dealt with too much drama and injuries, still had a good start for a new manager considering his win rate. I'm not sure how many of them were really his first choice but failed with most transfers, couldn't attract decent players including De Jong. Had an issue with fielding right players and doing correct subs, same goes for Guardiola but no one will talk about it because he always has stars to choose from and wins more than enough with them. Probably will shine somewhere else, not United material. If given more chance, maybe he could turn things around a little but I don't think he would win the league title. Nevertheless, he will be more motivated than ever to win this game to prove owners wrong and get a strong finish before starting a new chapter. I'm not fan of going to Europe with a limited squad, but will never say no to a major trophy like this.

  • @Byakuya Which manager/coach would you prefer to take over at MU ?

  • @Marbella It's still the second-most expensive football club in the world, most fans in the UK and third-most fans in the world. Naturally, you're media's #1 material especially with the way things are going. As if it's not enough, your players are overpaid and egoistic. According to the news, INEOS wants a young coach. There's no young coach in the world who can handle those problems, the best choice would be Mourinho but you have to fully support him with his decisions this time. Even that would be considered as a wild card, the most realistic choice is McKenna at the moment. Because if they want a young coach, then they prioritize rebuilding rather than titles. Except senior team, all levels with younger players did very well this season. You don't need to pay ridiculous amounts for players who won't play for the badge, no manager can win the league in just one year with this team. They need to decide if they're still going big or not, staying between makes things even worse.

  • UNITED SQUAD Onana, Bayindir, Heaton, Dalot, Wan-Bissaka, Varane, Martinez, Evans, Kambwala, Lindelof, Casemiro, Mainoo, Eriksen, McTominay, Amrabat, Mount, Fernandes, Amad, Antony, Garnacho, Rashford, Hojlund

  • Even 0-0 is possible. Odds providers can't lose

  • 0-0/2-0 ht/ft. Steve McLaren always speaking the Dutch to Ten Haag is what has been distracting the players.

  • Man City 3-1.

  • 1-2 or 1-1 and United in penals, or all United team and staff will be fired by Sir James :) ETH figured out the best tactics and positions+movement of all players, his head is at stake

  • @koziol.mutant easy

  • @koziol.mutant congratulations

  • 100% Man city will win

  • @SagorSrkian whats that? #GGMU

  • @SagorSrkian nothing is 100%, if it would be ten bookmakers will be bankrupt :)

  • Citeh 1 United 3

  • @harteless i wish the score line will be that, but we both know how its going to end up

  • @SomalianPirates With a utd win and a citeh loss

  • first half City 3-1 united full time City 5-1 united