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  • 0-0 sounds about right to me. Liverpool will do anything to get some silverware this season and after the weekend will have a point to prove. Their defence certainly looks more solid

  • It'll be interesting to see whether Mancini wants to fully concentrate on the league this year, or push for all the silverware they can. They're never going to play a weakened side (as they don't have one!)but they might rest some key players

  • mancini keeps compaining about the lack of midfielders he has. anyone care to explain that to me? not many teams can bring in johnson and de jong when nthey want

  • I cannot believe Mancini will keep faith in Savic again tonight... Surely Richards to drop into the middle!?

  • Both teams have some very important players out at the moment, but I think City could suffer at the hands of the Kop and a Liverpool team in dire need of a big performance. 1-0 reds

  • 1-1 draw seems about right.