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  • 2-4-4. Thought England would be well prepared to play against a bus in front of goal. They do it all the time in the EPL. Chelsea parked 11 in front of goal and won.

  • I'd hardly say 2-0 is a crazy prediction. England will rightly be favourites at home. Doesn't always work out that way but I'd say 2-0 as well

  • 2-0??? are u crazy? lol

  • 2-2

  • @DarthBlatter I think England's worry will be out wide, that's where Ukraine might have some superiority. Yarmolenko ran things when they played at the Euros. Central midfield not an issue. Lap/gerrad/Cleverley will dominate

  • @spuds it is not about the number of players but the type of players. I don't think they will have the energy to hold the midfield defensively.

  • @DarthBlatter It will against a 2 man midfield, if Ukraine line up with only Garmash and Tymoshchuk in there

  • Lampard and Gerrard as the mid two? Is Hodgson drunk?

  • 2-1 by Dave is a good prediction. England need Rooney back quick.

  • Lampard, Gerrard and Cleverly midfield won't work against Ukraine.

  • Ukraine are a good side, wonder who the next shev they'll produce will be.

  • Draw...

  • "England are undefeated in 20 of their last 22 matches" I guess they should be first in FIFA rankings....

  • Dont be fooled by the Moldova win. England still have a long way to go in terms of being consistent.

  • Baines might have a tough day against Yarmolenko and England struggled against Ukraine at the Euros. No foregone conclusion but they should just about have enough. 2-1