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  • Again, how Poland can score when 3 DM, they have to win, but not with 8defensive players....

  • Czech Republic 2:1 Poland

  • Actually, Szczesny is not sure to start. Smuda clarified that the goalkeeping coach will choose the one who's in best disposition. So don't bet on that. Also, it looks like Poland will actually play set 4-3-2-1, which has been looking good in the match with Russia. So either Obraniak or Mierzejewski will play on the left wing, and there will be an additional defensive midfielder, Dudka or Matuszczyk, depending on injuries. Either way, the three Dortmund players can traditionally be expected to be the main attacking threat.

  • 1-1 Goals from Rosicky and Boenisch (header from set piece).

  • 1-2

  • Poland 2-1 Czech Republic