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  • I am happy for Torres. He managed the shut up everyone who doubted him. I'm a huge fan of Torres and I think he will lead Spain to sweet glory. Go, Torres!


  • This site has way better stats than UEFA itself, which gives Man of the Match awards just to goal scorers both ignoring and disrespecting the rest of the players on the pitch. Congrats, mates.

  • Who'd be a goalkeeper? Given made 11 saves (!), was by far Ireland's best player, and STILL got blamed by many people for his 'poor' performance.

  • Spain 10-2 Ireland.

  • torres 1-0

  • 1-0

  • i hope spain play aggressiv and shot some goals. we dont want tiki taka >75% possesion and a 1:0 ^^

  • 3-0

  • 4-1

  • 2-0