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  • @Schweinstylin Whether it crossed the line or not (and it was offside beforehand might I add) if Terry hadn't tracked back to make that clearance would it not have been given as a goal?

  • Foscari you are an idiot. Assists had mistakes, not Kassai...

  • Good bye! Shevchenko!

  • Why aren't you recording a not given goal? Why are you giving that cheater a clearance and if that's not enough, you made him MotM as well? What a joke...

  • Ukraine is dominating this game so far...

  • 2-1 for Ukraine ! Go Ukraine !!!

  • England-Ukraine 2-1

  • England-Ukraine 3:0

  • I think whats not being taken into account here is who is refereeing the game.It may not matter if the two officials behind the goals might as well be bli