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  • @Schweinstylin Whether it crossed the line or not (and it was offside beforehand might I add) if Terry hadn't tracked back to make that clearance would it not have been given as a goal?

  • Foscari you are an idiot. Assists had mistakes, not Kassai...

  • Good bye! Shevchenko!

  • Why aren't you recording a not given goal? Why are you giving that cheater a clearance and if that's not enough, you made him MotM as well? What a joke...

  • Ukraine is dominating this game so far...

  • 2-1 for Ukraine ! Go Ukraine !!!

  • England-Ukraine 2-1

  • England-Ukraine 3:0

  • I think whats not being taken into account here is who is refereeing the game.It may not matter if the two officials behind the goals might as well be blind and have their guide dogs with them,but I dont know how many of you remember this certain Hungarian gentleman giving Carlos Vela a yellow card for diving when