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  • @Infamous: Turkish national teams are not lead properly in general, leading to random play, whether because of uninterested management or a lacking staff. The current manager after Hiddink is trying to set up a system for the Turkish side, that was at least consistent in the friendlies. The Netherlands also were much more organized in the Belgium game than in the Euros, so who knows how they'll progress throughout the match. BTW, the starting 11 the Turkish media is predicting in general is quite lacking in ability to even dream of outplaying Netherlands. I hope for the sake of watching an entertaining match, that they're only guessing.

  • Turkey to win is giving @ 6.0!!!

  • @atiktuk You are certainly right but the question is can Turkey be as organised as Belgium or Denmark. I think people here are giving Turkey too much credit. I thought Turks were famous for having no system and being random.

  • Netherlands will win 4-1 and get out of the euro shock

  • @TheSpecialOne: They don't need a great team play, they just need to be better organized than Oranje to have a decent chance of beating them. Like how Belgium or Denmark was.

  • So all of the sudden Turkey have a great team play? LLLOOOOLLL

  • Yulva you made some good points. Netherlands have some great individuals but lacking the team play.

  • @TheSpecialOne: True, quite true. But those are but 3 among 11 players and sometimes don't complement each other very well. And Robben I find is not very helpful at times, I myself would prefer Kuyt or Affelay rather than him (of course that's only me). And although Netherlands undoubtedly is comprised of some brilliant players, their midfield is rather lacking compared to Turkey's. Sneijder playing in an unfamiliar position won't help that. A stretched play might also prove difficult for Netherlands. I think all in all, this match will be a very interesting regardless of the winning team.

  • @Yulva - Robben > Arda, Huntelaar/RVP >>> Bulut... shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • @Daddy: Topal is a very solid defensive midfielder. If played together with Inan and Sahin (once Bundesliga player of the season), they'd form a very formidable midfield. Toprak is a very useful back for controlling and distributing the ball. Gönül and Turan are fearsome on the attack. Bulut and Yilmaz can be very useful attackers if played correctly. The squad is a different one than in the Euro qualifiers.

  • Netherlands 2-1 Turkey

  • @Daddy I would include Selcuk Inan and Nuri Sahin to that list.

  • @Oayhan At least they were in the Euros mate ;) Turkey only have Arda, Gonul and Volkan. Rest of the players are shit...

  • @Daddy and holland had a superb euros run, right? :)

  • I am gonna bet on over 3.5 goals.

  • Whats with all the Turkish supporters?! Guys know your place. You are playing against Netherlans! You werent even in the Euros!!!

  • turkish attackers are on a very good form in their league. they will probaby score more than one goal.

  • turks will surprise them in this game 3-2 turkey (sneijder, robben, topal, bulut x2)

  • Hamit should be playing and will probably be the captain I think. Saraer is a great talent but needs time. The midfield and the defense dont seem that impressive for the Dutch. Not sure if Sneijder could or would play in a three man midfield. Bet on bot teams to score ;)

  • 2-1 to Netherlands

  • If Holland plays push up defense, Umut Bulut will get into positions a lot. And that guy is on fire atm.

  • I know Sneijder is Netherlands captain, will be interesting to see how and if his game will change... He will probably get injured lol

  • Who is Turkey's captain?

  • I think you may be right but due to the fact that they are away from home it will effectively be a 4-5-1 for most of the game

  • I don't think that Turkey will form a 4-5-1 at all. Most likely formation is a 4-2-3-1 in my opinion.