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  • @Karim1612 I'm a Football freak ;) and i think i have idea of Football , the German media give me right now. Löw said Podolski did mean it can act as a Forward. But he also mentioned that he could switch 6x

  • Reus will probably score

  • A double pivot comprised of the Benders will not have enough creativity, so it's likely that Gündoğan will play (possibly alongside his club teammate as they'll have e better understanding). Even with so many injuries Germany is a better team than Netherlands. If they lose, the reason will most likely be the disorientated state of the team.

  • IxesIOS Where do you exactly find This Lineups,Do you use some site

  • Germany's lineup is almost complete. Central midfield I do not think : S.Bender - L.Bender I think Gündoğan play. The other part play L.Bender or Neustädter (I hope ;) ). _______________________________ Neuer _______________________________ __ Höwedes _____________ Hummels ___ Mertesacker __________ Lahm ____ _____________________ Gündoğan ________ Neustädter ___________________ ___ Müller _____________________ Götze ____________________ Podolski _ _______________________ Reus __________________________________________