Match Summary

Aston Villa Swansea
Creating scoring chances
Attacking down the wings
Creating chances through individual skill
Attacking set pieces
Keeping possession of the ball
Avoiding individual errors
Control the game in the opposition's half
Attacking down the right
Take a lot of shots
Attempt through balls often
Attempt crosses often

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Positional Report

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Comments (5)

  • lol rafa. a bit cheesy but still funny.

  • 0-1 Nice to Mich u!

  • They are playing well but they've we're only 3 games into a season. They will slip up and especially with the defensive problems they have I reckon Villa could win this one. About time Lambert got them winning as well!

  • Dave what are you on about? Swansea are on fire!!!

  • First 3 points on the board for Villa I reckon. 2-1. Swansea have to lose sometime and with their defensive problems it should be soon!