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  • Well Dempsey came on the winger role...although Sigurdsson came off for a more defensive player due to score, so nothing definitive there.

  • @Infamous and @LessBlues Yes Dempsey can play on the right, but the question is if he can perform better than Lennon on the right. I think his ideal position has always been behind the striker. He should start off on the bench and replace one of the AMs later on in the game.

  • @Bashirali I agree with Lloris being a great keeper, I disagree with your criticism on Spurs. I think clubs are right to put newly signed players on the bench for the first few games, esp when you have good players in that position already. It makes the players more humble and adjusts them to the league easier.

  • I find it funny that Spurs bought, a keeper named numerous times to be 3rd best keeper in the world after Casillas & Neuer, yet they decide to put him on the offense to friedel, he had a great season last year, but Lloris is better than Friedel.

  • @Infamous. Yes, indeed Dempsey has played the advanced winger role any times, club and country. It's not a special insight I possess.

  • @LessBlues Good point. Lennon has been in poor form and needs a break anyway. Dempsey has played a good number of games on the right wing for Fulham.

  • Dempsey isn't really a creative AM. Might he take Lennon's spot? Dempsey strikes me as similar to Podolski in that he can thrive in a nominally wide position from which he can move into the center.

  • 2-2 draw

  • COYS!

  • @YeboahsRightPeg What have Tottenham done this season though?? Nothing! This will most probably be a draw.

  • Can't see spurs slipping up here, their team is just so much better than Reading's