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  • @Oscar360: Either you're watching the wrong game or you're a Chelsea fan. Anyway, Liverpool was in a pinch when both Şahin and Allen were playing deep. They look much better now that Gerrard and Şahin are playing vertical and no one's eating off the holder's space. It's funny that when Enrique has the ball, he doesn't pass it before he tries to dribble.

  • i watching right now n the one controling game not liverpool..but chelsea..how can be 33% 67%..fix pliz

  • if no one loses , it will be draw

  • if chelsea loses ,liverpool will win if liver loses, chelsea will win

  • I don't think this will be a matter of having weapons but rather a game about controlling open play and retaining the ball. If di Matteo plays both Mata and Oscar together, one of them should stay deeper than usual to compete with Liverpool's spare man in midfield. Chelsea's vulnerability at the wings should be added to that though, since Liverpool stretches the play quite a lot, their full backs come into play very often. The performances of Suso, Suarez and Sterling will be quite important; oft times they play foolishly vertical and disrupt their own side's play with meaningless dribbles and runs.

  • Chelsea just have too many weapons in their disposal. Should be a Chelsea win.

  • Chelsea to win I agree with may7even.Chelsea are just to strong at home and have won all their home games except for the last outing against a strong Utd side.Liverpool are still in their development phase with the likes of Shelvey and Sterling still finding their feet.Liverpool players will be a lot fresher than Chelsea having rested star players,but still think Chelsea will have the edge.

  • 2-2 won't happen. more like a 3-1 chelsea