Match Summary

Manchester City Tottenham
Creating chances through individual skill
Stealing the ball from the opposition
Creating chances using through balls
Attacking set pieces
Avoiding offside
Keeping possession of the ball
Avoiding individual errors
Attacking down the right
Attacking down the right
Possession football
Long balls
Attempt through balls often

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Comments (7)

  • Manchester City is a very good team. For the championship this year, will fight Chelsea and MC

  • I may not like City, but they deserved the win simply by being the only team on the pitch who played football. I don't even understand what AVB was going for here. Pretty disappointing from him after that incredible win at Old Trafford.

  • Mr. Dzeko

  • That was a very good game.

  • there is no luck in City's win, tottenham played extremely negative football by defending the entire game they had one chance which they scored, nothing since their first goal.

  • can you call it luck if they do it ALL the time? smh, im disappointed at Tottenham.

  • This could be the game to change city's poor form, also if man utd win at fulham(they should secure 3 points)on Saturday utd will be 4 points clear of city. Has to be a city win for me 3-1