Match Summary

Reading Manchester United
Attacking down the wings
Stealing the ball from the opposition
Attacking set pieces
Creating chances using through balls
Finishing scoring chances
Attacking down the wings
Finishing scoring chances
Avoiding individual errors
Avoiding fouling in dangerous areas
Avoiding individual errors
Control the game in the opposition's half
Short passes
Attacking down the right
Attempt crosses often

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Comments (5)

  • Reading schooling manure... but manure & saf as usual making good use of their most important eternal signing - the ref association!

  • 7 goals in the first 35 mins indeed that shit is crayy...

  • this shit is going crazy :)

  • @Daddy Reading cant really score more than 1.

  • Man Utd will concede. Expecting a 4-2 or 3-2 Man Utd win.