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  • goonergunner relax you cunt. There's no need to that at all. All he made was a harmless prediction and you're telling him to kill himself.

  • dongusti go kill yourself you idiot,botellator you were right

  • I think a Cazorla header goal should break the algorithm. I think in place of a 10 there should be a question mark, exclamation mark combo.

  • Was Gibbs not the one hanging on the second Reading goal? If he was, he was very much responsible for two goals. Goals change games and it was not exactly to his credit that Arsenal saw out the game. Apart from that, great game of ball.

  • Great game. Now let us hope that Wenger gets the message so we'll see Walcott up front more often!

  • For instance this is a good example of how to improve the rating algorithm, gibbs had 2 assists and a good game if you watched it, he should have at least an 8, but he is getting a 6.44 due to an error that lead to a goal... These stats should be also situational, that goal was meaningless, it didnt do anything to the game, what im saying you should lower the percentage of importance of an error if that didnt do anything to the game, and you should prize those plays that did something to change the outcome to the game, a winning goal in the late minutes of the game should be rated higher than the 5th goal of an already won game.

  • Arsenal to win. I can see Cazorla scoring some goals tonight.

  • 0-3

  • the draw is tempting at 4.20 but Reading are so bad. Arsenal absolutely have to win, 2-0 sounds about right to me

  • Arsenal to win 3-0

  • this match is draw or win Reading

  • Arsenal 3-1