Match Summary

Manchester United Newcastle United
Creating scoring chances
Creating scoring chances
Creating chances using through balls
Creating long shot opportunities
Attacking set pieces
Attacking down the wings
Finishing scoring chances
Finishing scoring chances
Avoiding offside
Avoiding individual errors
Avoiding individual errors
Attack through the middle
Take long shots
Possession football
Attack through the middle
Attempt through balls often
Take a lot of shots
Long balls

Situational Report

Positional Report

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Comments (8)

  • INSANE!!! 'We're Man United, we do what we want' Never say die in one word UNITED

  • CHICHARITO'S WON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Manchester United 2 -Newcastle United 3 Mancheser Is Loser...

  • 2-2 roonie*2 cabaye ba

  • Sorry Marveaux not Maeveaux......

  • Newcastle could have won if key players Ben Arfa,Cabaye and Tiote would not have been out......Now coudn't see anything else than United winning it unless Ba or Maeveaux create something special.....

  • 2-0

  • We have to win this one! Swansea was very lucky to keep 1 point at home ,but last year they was better than us ,when we took all the 3 points from Liberty Stadium so we don't have a bad word about that. Newcastle is really weak this season so everything except victory non-acceptable for United! 3-1