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Arsenal Newcastle United
Creating scoring chances
Creating long shot opportunities
Stealing the ball from the opposition
Attacking down the wings
Creating chances through individual skill
Attacking set pieces
Creating long shot opportunities
Finishing scoring chances
Attacking down the wings
Counter attacks
Finishing scoring chances
Attack through the middle
Play with width
Take a lot of shots
Take long shots
Attempt through balls often

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Comments (21)

  • Yes "Walcott is trash as a main striker" you know a lot about football no doubt.

  • guess people didn't see the sarcasm in my comment, what a shame... ;)

  • Funny how Demba played well yet performance of Arsenal's strikers such that Demba looked surplus to requirements.

  • everyone got so excited about walcott not being a phenom already 2 years ago. hes only freaking 23 not even close to his prime. he will be a phenom one day soon

  • What a game. Wenger should start thinking about that raise Walcott wanted.

  • Yes, but it is not the Arsenal way to win... Very strange. We don't make pressing now.

  • lol at drfutballitis_ss

  • 7-3 lol

  • The goal in football is to score goals, not to keep possession. I can't believe I'm explaining this.

  • less possession and 3 goals up, what a shame indeed...

  • 55% of possession for Newcastle? What? Arsenal don't manage to keep the ball at home, what a shame...

  • 3-0/3-1 in favour of Arsenal. Walcott has opened the scoring.

  • 4-2 arsenal cazorla will score

  • Newcastle to get a huge upset win. Arsenal have Cazorla but I don't trust the gunners here.

  • Sesanthum is right but I think Walcott will stay up front to help contract negotiations. I think Arsenal will go behind but because Newcastle are weak at protecting the lead Arsenal will comeback to win Arsenal 2-1 Newcastle

  • Ba will be motivated to score. he want to sign with Arsenal. Walcott is trash as a main striker. 2-1 gunners. ( podolski, cazorla, Ba)

  • 2:0? I dont believe, that Newcastle not score...

  • 3-0 arsenal, newcastle have no away wins and i expect that to continue

  • Considering that Olivier Giroud is back Arsenal would be deploying him as the target man up front again. Since Newcastle is weak at defending wingplay I daresay Arsenal would exploit that thoroughly and against a lethargic Newcastle Arsenal are good for a win. =)

  • This is a big game for Arsenal, anything but a win will be bad for them

  • 2-0 ? its a good one. im buying it.