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  • Arsenal are the only team that can beat Newcastle 7-3 then struggle to make a clear chance to Southampton

  • well at least you avoid hyperbole, tutekthetut. Maybe playing a lightweight midfield on two days rest was a bigger problem ;)

  • it was absolutely horrible to watch so hopeless team like Arsenal. No passion, no will, no ambition. In one word - a tragedy. No skill either.

  • I have -6, but I am right... I am just a realistic Gooner. We don't dominate matches anymore.

  • Szczęsny is best. Boruc - 2nd. Im from Poland :)

  • St'hampton 1 ASNL 2

  • 3:1 soton win

  • Arsenal vai vencer (Portugal) - 0-2 Arsenal Win

  • 3-0 to arsenal

  • 1:2 arsenal win

  • I think Arsenal's winning streak will come to an end soon but not against a Southampton team with such weak defensive capabilities. It will probably be a high scoring game and I reckon walcott will score with such good form going into a match against his former club. I think Arsenal 4-3 Soton

  • gun`z wins) maybe 0-2

  • I can't see Arsenal losing at the moment, it's going to be a big scoring game again maybe 5-1

  • I can't see Arsenal winning a fifth match in a row...