Match Summary

Southampton Arsenal
Creating chances through individual skill
Stealing the ball from the opposition
Creating long shot opportunities
Keeping possession of the ball
Avoiding offside
Avoiding offside
Avoiding individual errors
Avoiding individual errors
Take long shots
Take long shots
Attempt through balls often
Attacking down the right

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Comments (14)

  • Arsenal are the only team that can beat Newcastle 7-3 then struggle to make a clear chance to Southampton

  • well at least you avoid hyperbole, tutekthetut. Maybe playing a lightweight midfield on two days rest was a bigger problem ;)

  • it was absolutely horrible to watch so hopeless team like Arsenal. No passion, no will, no ambition. In one word - a tragedy. No skill either.

  • I have -6, but I am right... I am just a realistic Gooner. We don't dominate matches anymore.

  • Szczęsny is best. Boruc - 2nd. Im from Poland :)

  • St'hampton 1 ASNL 2

  • 3:1 soton win

  • Arsenal vai vencer (Portugal) - 0-2 Arsenal Win

  • 3-0 to arsenal

  • 1:2 arsenal win

  • I think Arsenal's winning streak will come to an end soon but not against a Southampton team with such weak defensive capabilities. It will probably be a high scoring game and I reckon walcott will score with such good form going into a match against his former club. I think Arsenal 4-3 Soton

  • gun`z wins) maybe 0-2

  • I can't see Arsenal losing at the moment, it's going to be a big scoring game again maybe 5-1

  • I can't see Arsenal winning a fifth match in a row...