Match Summary

Swansea Aston Villa
Creating scoring chances
Creating scoring chances
Creating chances through individual skill
Stealing the ball from the opposition
Creating long shot opportunities
Finishing scoring chances
(Team has no significant weaknesses)
Keeping possession of the ball
Avoiding fouling in dangerous areas
Attacking down the right
(Team showed no specific style of play)
Attack through the middle
Possession football

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Positional Report

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Comments (4)

  • 3-0 to swansea

  • tof sadegh_69

  • swansea 2:0 win

  • Villa has to do a lot better than what has seeing in three another matches, but after seeing Fulham vs Swansea, Swansea was maybe lucky to get three points from london. Fulham created more changes than Swansea(you can see it from which team has more shots). I dont think Swansea will overrun Villa, like Tottenham, Chelsea or even Wigan did. This is the game when Villa have to come more than a draw from Wales, maybe 1-1, or 1-2 to Villa.