Match Summary

Wigan Manchester United
(Team has no significant strengths)
Created a high number of chances relative to their possession
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities through individual skill
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from set-pieces
Were strong at finishing
Commited a high number of individual errors
Were caught offside often
Favoured long shots
Attacked down the right side
Attacked through the middle
Had a high shot frequency when in possession
Favoured short passing

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Positional Report

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Comments (16)

  • RvP scored 2 goals and hes all round play was excellent as always this season for United. Chicharito was great to and Wazza is going back! Come on Liverpool ! ;)

  • Why the man of the match was Van Persie, not Hernandez? 2 goals better than 2 goals and 1 assist?

  • 4-0 for Man Utd! In your faces, haters!

  • to goh nakhor baw

  • 0:1 4 manU

  • Wigan 2-1 MU :D

  • goals kone for wigan and persie,young2goal

  • 1ht wigan 1:0 2ht 2:3 united


  • Wigan 2 - 1 Manu

  • 2-0 to united

  • United will demolish Wigan

  • Don't see Wigan causing too many problems against a United whose starting to look more promising defensively. It will be interesting to see how Boyce performs as he was excellent against Villa. MU to win 3-0

  • Man Utd Win 2-0

  • draw 2:2

  • Seeing how Wigan cause problems to Villa, Everton and Arsenal, I think there will be a chance to suprise. Maybe 1-1 or even 1-0 like last season.