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  • Hahahahahaha Benitez

  • What is benitez's excuse now?He wanted a red and penalty.What real difference would that make...?Chelsea were 2-1 up at one stage,and could not hold on.Is he trying to say..we cannot win a match unless our opponents are reduced to 10 men?All our defenders cannot suddenly become bad players...as they looked at Newcastle..Maybe we should consider klismann if jose is not interested.There is no way...we are finishing in the top 4 with benitez.He could not explain our defeat,when asked at the press conference.So I ask...Why is he still in the job,when he admits,he does not know what next to do.When his record is clearly getting worse than Roberto di matteo's?Why is he still chelsea boss,when the fans do not want him,because he has cost us three trophies already?He can talk tough as much as he likes...the bottom line is that we are heamorraging points with a squad that should truly be challenging for the title.Recall lukaku now...place Emenalo in charge and drop Torres to mid field .Rafa out

  • rafaout

  • boring 1-1

  • 1-3 blues

  • I expect a scrappy first half..considering benitez's strategy is always to create chances,and Newcastle would not let them...I find it funny that he likes to blame chelsea's losses on missed goal chances by the midfielders.In two of our games,we have squandered two goal leads.I would think ...the defenders should be blamed.Benitez should take responsiblity as well.A good strategy creates lots of chances for the forwards.How many chances did Torres get...?When our talented midfielders create chances for themselves..I do not think benitez's tactics should take credit for those chances.And he certainly should not blame them for missing a fraction of those chances.I defy anyone to describe to me what benitez,s tactics is all about from the few games he has been in charge.Is it through the wings?Is it through the middle?Is it a gentle build up from the back...until an opening is created?Is it the well tested long-ball?How can you have a potent attacking force and still lack bite?Bad tactics

  • for how long Hazard is suspended?

  • Chelsea should win this one especially after another upset, first with QPR now Reading. Up till now I thought football is unpredictable but it turns out there is always a doggy side to it only well hidden. I have never understood how could soldier who risks his life in Afganistan or Iraq earn £16 000p/y where this running scums earn millions have beautiful houses cars and useless wifes with big boobs but they still can not deliver losing with teams from bottom table or allowing two goals in the last 5 minutes??? And of course manager is always to blame, come on are they 5 years old and learning first time how to kick the ball. ////////Just wanted to say i totally disagree with this prediction, unless D.Ba in the way of thanking to Newcastle wont score any goal or better--> score own goal. Totally crap football from Chelsea.