Match Summary

Liverpool Swansea
Creating scoring chances
(Team has no significant strengths)
Creating chances through individual skill
Creating chances using through balls
Creating long shot opportunities
Attacking down the wings
Attacking set pieces
Finishing scoring chances
(Team has no significant weaknesses)
Avoiding fouling in dangerous areas
Avoiding offside
Avoiding individual errors
Attack through the middle
Attacking down the right
Take a lot of shots

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Comments (11)

  • 5-0

  • Apologies, that was my roommate...

  • poop

  • liverpool performance were fantastic. but, i think our defender didn't have test against swansea last night player.. but i think this result will give us a new spirit(again).. ke consintent liverpool!! YNWA

  • Fantastic performance by Liverpool. Pure domination, if our finishing was a bit better we could have hit double digits! YNWA

  • LFC must win in order to make top4 ynwa!!

  • Howard Webb ! Swansea to win and Liverpool to finish with 10 men!

  • I think this will be the match that decides the fate of Brendan Rogers

  • Liverpool is playing attractive football? What Liverpool are you watching? Liverpool is playing embarrassing football. Liverpool needs a win. Surely, they SHOULD win here. I would not surprised if they draw or lose. But they should win.

  • Both teams are playing attractive football. It will be a battle of possession, but Liverpool are expected to win.

  • LFC can win if they step up their game and individuals avoid stupid errors.