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  • Vermaelen made 2 last man tackles? You must be missing something. It was Vertonghen, who made them (on Giroud in the beginning of the 1st half; on Walcott in 2nd, if my memory doesn't fail me). FIX IT and change his rating, because 6.9 is a joke, objectively considering he was one of best 3 players on the pitch.

  • @Elbeast, wish Vertonghen was more like me and forgot about all the stuff in his pocket. Finds it later when it's too late.

  • Vertonghen had Giroud in his pocket, nicely folded up.

  • Why Vertonghen has low rate? He was man of the match for me

  • Good for you, I'm fine though, no need for me to fuck off. As a Gunner, however, I feel obligated to call you a cunt from now on.

  • I think they got Vermaelen and Vertonghen mixed up. It was vertonghen who got 2 last man tackles not Vermaelen

  • @Patricovic: You are a disgrace to humanity, a man with no principles.

  • The Arsenal goal was a Bale own goal.

  • Giroud was a disaster. No way in hell does he deserve anything higher than a 6. How Wenger lets him complete the match is a mystery for me. Jenkinson was quite good in my opinion, no point in putting Ramsey at RB after Jenks' substitute, he was completely out of position most of the time. Mertesacker goal was actually owngoal Bale. Cazorla isn't a winger, Podolski should've started the game. I understand that we don't really have a striker apart from Giroud, but he's a worse solution than putting Walcott there. At least Walcott presents a danger for the defense, Giroud merely walks about, out of position losing possession every time. Patricovic: Go be somewhere else.

  • Is it even possible for an arsenal fan to convert and become a tottenham fan? That's just wrong.

  • don't let me down TOT! keep scoring.. 2~0 first half I am only a gambler not a TOT fan.

  • Over or TOT to win. Gunners will face the strongest TOTTENHAM this time.

  • Likely to be a draw.

  • Spurs will humiliate gunners tonight. 3-0. Bale will score again.