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  • vertonghen is a boss

  • Liverpool were deserved winners in the end. Felt that LFC didn't get a lot of decisions our way but it did balanced itself out in the end with those two calamities from spurs. Very unlikely that LFC will get CL football next season but signs are very good for them to improve. Defense needs a clear-out and more depth will ensure a top 4 finish next season. I fancy spurs and chelsea to get CL football. Spurs really just need a top striker such as Suarez to allow themselves to become real contenders for PL next season.

  • Defensive mistakes cost Spurs the points

  • LFC

  • Liverpool won.

  • HA

  • what happen to pepe?

  • 3:1 liverpool and control the game

  • Jones starts

  • 2-2

  • Both teams n their top player(bale n suarez) r in great form...a draw wud suit Spurs more than Liverpool who r looking 2 the gap betwn them n thn top 4

  • This is gonna be draw

  • Liverpool-Tottenham Hotspur 2-1

  • The game comes down to just 1 player. Bale. Offensively, Spurs offer very little except for his long range efforts.

  • great macth win possible Tottenham 2-1

  • gift of bookmakers because Liverpool will not win

  • liverpool 1 tottenham 2, and Bale to score any time during the match

  • Both teams will score, and i think it will be a draw.

  • 3-2.

  • liverpoolfans have used to 2-2 result this season :), but pool is capable to stop spurs unbeaten run, 2-1 would be nice.

  • spur will win this match

  • Suarez VS Bale 2-1

  • This game has potential to be a great game, but also it might turn sour. I predict AVB will seat deep and play on counterattack. Liverpool will definitely be very aggressive but also keeping possession. Without the ball, Bale can only watch.

  • i think this will be a rally good match, i predict 3-2 to spurs