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  • @merton81 you did not start any discussion fx. with me

  • Valet1 the nice picks here: tipscenter.ru 9 hours ago -8 Report This is why we need mods.

  • Robin Van Perise Got No Respect Booed By Arsenal Fans As Usual.

  • ... Mate all I want is some actual discussion. At the moment we just have fans shouting ''Go on Red Devils!'' and spambots telling us to go bet at their site. I think I'm going to leave Whoscored's comment section and actually go to my stadium where I can actually watch a real game from now on.

  • @Patricovic: u mad bro?

  • And then my comment get's marked down despite the fact that my predicted was correct.

  • The comments on this site are ridiculous. It needs modding. My prediction, despite the fact that Arsenal are 1-0 up, is 1-1.

  • Manchester United: De Gea - Rafael, Evans, Ferdinand, Evra - Valencia, Carrick, Jones, Nani - Rooney, Van Persie. United is Going to WIN!!!! RED DEVILS !

  • Arsenal will win.

  • RVP guard of honour… lol Arsenal


  • @HanwhaEagles they deserved 4 point with United, Manchester should take this more serious because of fair play

  • Please... Win Manchester United~! for TOT!!

  • ok... 2:1 for Arsenal Fergie said that some players will have a chance to play

  • i can't say until i'll know united line up Fergie... i hope Powell will play:)

  • 1-0