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  • In the end Italy got the win they deserved. England tried playing like chelsea did in the champions league final and had penalties on their mind all night. It was such a one sided match.

  • Pirlo is pure class, he plays football as an artist. The 4 best teams are in the semis.

  • @yulva i agree, thats the weakness of whoscored, goalkeepers ratings...

  • With all honesty, I don't think Hart was better than Buffon. He kept playing inaccurate long balls and made easy saves. Buffon made two big saves and played with 100% pass accuracy.

  • England were lucky to even survive those 120min. The better team won the game. Pirlo was pure class. We'll just need to shut him off and we're through to the final.

  • yes,we win!

  • shots off goal...

  • does "shots on post" count for "shots on goal" or "shots off goal" ?

  • italy 2-1

  • 1-0 for England.

  • Visca el BARCA

  • Forza Azzurri! ! !

  • Salam. Azeri var?

  • england just can defend with 10 pls and pray for a lucky punch. that can work (chelsea) but just in 1 of 100 games... 2:0 italy!

  • Alex and Theo can't defend. Milner does his role in the team effectively. Think about from Chelsea's POV. Sturridge or Kalou/Ramires? As long as Di Natale and Cassano get in sync and make the proper runs, Pirlo will feed them all day long. Considering England are likely not to counter the 3 man midfield with the inverse triangle, only Parker will be holding and I doubt Gerrard will come back like he did in the FA Cup Final although that was because he didn't trust Spearing and Henderson, Pirlo will have plenty of space to exploit. He will be key for Italy as always. England can either stop the service and stop the people getting serviced. Pirlo is not going to be pressured by Young, if Rooney plays on top he will drop deep and England lose their main goal threat, who either way will be isolated thanks to Italy having 2 spare men at the back, so its likely Italy will recycle very often. As the case with most teams playing fluid football versus bus parkers. Italy just may have the edge.

  • This is the game where English luck runs out. Italy will win 2-0 and probably quite comfortably.

  • Forza Azzurri! ! !

  • milner? again? why? because he is so slow? or can kick the ball? where are the OX or Walcott?

  • Impossible to predict. Both teams have made a very interesting competition, especially Italy. England seems dangerous with Rooney...

  • 2:1

  • England win

  • 3-1

  • If England can hold off Italy like Greece did in most of the first half against Germany and play as resolutely as Chelsea did against Barcelona and Bayern Munich and England did against Ukraine and the friendly against Belgium,I think by parking the team bus against Italy and with my favourite player James Millner playing on the wing, it will be a joy to watch England.Barry of the masochist society. I am so hoping England can get a 0-0 draw and then win on penalties 14-13.

  • 1-1

  • Pirlo passes more than a dumb person in a question game show.

  • who on earth would bet under 2.5 at 1.44?