Match Summary

Bayern Munich Borussia Dortmund
Stealing the ball from the opposition
Creating scoring chances
Creating chances through individual skill
Creating chances through individual skill
Attacking set pieces
Keeping possession of the ball
Avoiding offside
Avoiding individual errors
Take long shots
Attacking down the right
Attacking down the right
Take a lot of shots
Possession football

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Comments (10)

  • a 6.3 for weidenfeller? sorry guys, haven't you watched the game? he's player of the game in nearly all german media, with 3 tremendous saves in the last minutes of the game. i also think, that bender(7,1 km in 1st half!) was better in the defensive midfield than gündogan, who unfortunately had not his best day.

  • Boring. I switched on Barca vs Bilbao in 70'.

  • Dortmund win 1-0 goal Reus

  • Bayern 3:2 Borussia Martinez-Kross-Ribery Lewandowski-Kuba

  • Game of the night!

  • Dortmund will win. 1-2

  • This fixture is getting back its old fame. Should be full of goals.

  • wow Dan! Away win? Thats a brave prediction!

  • Dortmund wins

  • Can't wait! One of the biggest games in Europe now! MIA SAN MIA