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  • haha my comment became 2 dislikes but my prediction was right!

  • @YoungMoneyWyman: I realize that many people like him as a player. I agree that his contribution to pressing and defense is quite helpful. However, I do think that he's overrated. He seriously struggles when Dortmund's on the opposition half with the ball. Following this up, he isn't that creative nor fluid; and even when he is, he lacks the skill to materialize that creativity. All in all, I think he doesn't contribute much when Dortmund has the ball.

  • Ugly, ugly game by both sides. Plus I'm not sure how you can say grosskuetz is not quality. Dortmund concede half the goals they do with him playing than when he is not.

  • What happened to Götze in this match? I think it was his worst performance of the season. Hopefully he plays better against Shakhtar.

  • Its clear that Dortmund needs more quality on the bench besides Şahin and Leitner. IMHO, Groskreutz, Schieber and Kehl are not nearly enough. Its also clear that Löw should be giving Kießling a chance on the friendly against France.

  • @Yulva sure anything is possible. But the victory of leverkusen against bayern was very happy. Dortmund is stronger then Bayern. Leverkusen can win but not in normal case. Last game Dortmund won 3:0.

  • i think 1-2

  • bayer leverkusen 3-2 dortmud

  • over2.5 best bet ever.

  • @wawa: Bayer did manage to beat Bayern a few months ago, and they're still playing quite well. Plus, they've never lost a match at the BayArena this season. They will probably have a hard time containing Dortmund though.

  • Bayer has been in great form since midway last season. Not sure when they will settle down, the same happened to Shalke but it has been bad form from them.

  • For me, too! But i think Leverkusen cant show great performance in such big games. 1:3

  • Match of the week if you ask me.