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  • @bnx2099 i'm actually portuguese, though i recognize i'm not a huge fan of our league because outside of Porto and Benfica it has little of interest. All i'm saying is, if you pay for something then you have a right to complaint, i. e., if you pay for a gym membership and it's all dirty whenever you go, you have a right to bitch about it, but if the gym's free and it's dirty you just don't go there. At most, you make a sugestion for it to be cleaned, you have no right to demand it. But hey, if you're that serious about the portuguese league i can post a link to a couple of portuguese online sports newspapers so your grace will be better informed next time Bottom line, it might not matter to you since you have the money to waste on OPTA stuff (wich funnily enough failed to inform you about the time of the game), but i for one am thankful to have such an awesome site with this much information FOR FREE and i don't think you should be a prick because of a small mistake

  • @yourigo I will assume that at least you are not a huge fan of the Portuguese league. And your reply to the bad food analogy makes no sense, you would only know you got bad food after eating. That'd be the case of the people that deeply trusts this website and ended up not able to watch the game because of it. This is a clear breach of trust, and I keep thinking apologies are due. It's a simple provider/receiver issue. WhoScored.com profits from advertisement that are directly related to number of access. So viewers plays a part on the maintenance of the website. For that, apologies are due.

  • In spite of the screw-up with the coverage of this game, this remains the best football page out there.

  • I wonder if they'll update stats in real time (minus 24 hours)

  • yeah i missed the game too because of this website =[ =[ =[

  • @bnx2099 hey man, if you're not paying them, they have no obligations towards you. They apologize only if they think they should, not because you do. Someone hands you free bad food, you don't take it and move on

  • since the game is still marked 'upcoming' I don't think the problem is already noticed in the first place.

  • @yourigo I really fail to see the connection between asking for an apologies, which are highly due, and they providing free information. Also, for me it's not relevant if they provide it for free or not, I would pay should they charge as I do with some OPTA's stuff. Also, the free argument makes no sense. Someone handles you free bad food and you are not allowed to complain? Nonsense. Further, I am just saying that they should apologize. It was just the most important match of that league.

  • @bnx2099 considering all the info they provide here is free for us, stop being a prick just because of one mistake. you should be thankful for all the matches whoscored as covered without charging you for it

  • Yeah, I heard 2-1 might be a decent prediction.

  • I think 2 - 1 :)

  • yesterday Porto win 2-1

  • It was a heavy mistake that you guys did not follow up only THE MOST IMPORTANT GAME of the Portuguese League this season. It might not be EPL, La Liga, Serie A or Bundesliga. But I think that an open apology on the main page is the least WhoScored.com team should do. The least. First time I have been disappointed with this website.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • it's not guys, wake up!!! match centre please

  • The game has been changed, for some time now, to today, Saturday, 11th, at 20:30.

  • It's time Benfica