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  • Falselona are the most defensive team in Europe, and nobody says that, they keep possession on their own half, making boring passes between xavi-pique, busquets-mascherano, etc in the end people say they had 70 percent of possession, but they had 0 shots against Milan,3 shots last week, and 2 shots today

  • What's changed now? Real Madrid defensive line is really high but really close with midfielders...now wingers and LB/RB do not follow Barça players movement beyond the defensive line. But that's not all...Real Madrid press Pique and Busquets really up, blocking Barça's clean pass between Madrid's Def Midfielders. On the other side, Barça do not use wing-play attack very often, even when there's a gap for a good run, so all ends up at the centre of the pitch. Also, both Barça fullbacks go too high at the same time, allowing Madrid's counter-attack be a real threat. Lastly, Barça possesion game used to work because of quick centerbacks, and there's clearly a flop in form.

  • formation here is wrong. Essien is right back. Centre back is ramos and varane and pepe is defensive midfield.

  • shame that barca lost against real madrid bench..

  • poor barca..dint paying reff this match..got too many card..nice 1 madrid..

  • Now that its 2-1 for Madrid were about to witness a desperate diving Barcelona.

  • Shame he didn't score that 1 on 1

  • morata had to score that..

  • morata is the best player in the game so far

  • lol morata is killing barca on the counter

  • FC Barcelona's starting line-up: Valdés, Alves, Piqué, Mascherano, Alba, Sergio, Thiago, Iniesta, Villa, Messi and Pedro. Line-up Real Madrid (official): DiegoLopez - Ramos - Varane - Pepe - Coentrao - Modric - Kaka - Essien - Callejon - Morata - Benzema P.S. 2-1 for Barcelona !

  • At the odds real are a great bet,they will still put out a strong team,beside that once Ronald starts the counter attack has proven to totally dismantle Barcelona and that tactic alone can win the game for Madrid,for barca villa must start,and they must start making runs in behind reals defense and stop waiting for messi to pull off some magic,he has been nullified in recent weeks and with barcelona midfield getting closed down rapidly he is dropping too deep to influence the game in attack,for the amount of possession barca had against Milan and real the shoots on goal is very worrying,and rouras inexperience to identify problems and rectify them inplay is a major problem(through no fault of his own),and the understanding between fab and inesta needs some hands on work, although fab will most likely take up xavi role,all in all i find it hard to see a Barcelona win here unless there is some changes big changes in personnel and tactics,they must get in behind reals defense

  • Arbeloa will be the right defender as Ramos will play right with manchester . also Benzema will definitely play against manchester so he will not be in the starting 11 probably Morata . My prediction : 1-1 as the last el classico with Real playing with the reserves

  • Carvalho in 1st squad? RLY? Don't think so...

  • Barca will take revenge from last game!!!

  • barcelona wil win .

  • Messi will score his 39 and 40 th goal for the laliga and he will give one assist there for 3 - 0 for fcbarcelona.