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  • Time to think of Milan

  • Nice chip goal by messi

  • Min 28, Thiago leads the ratings with 7.4 for 3 dribbles and 0 shots. Is passive dribbling really that valuable?

  • I wrote on bet-addicted dotcom about strange odds on goal line at HT

  • 2-0

  • I wouldn't jump the gun on this bold prediction. Bottom teams have a habit of putting in a huge effort against big teams like Barca or Madrid. Besides, Deportivo are catching Barcelona at a good time considering Barcelona's dip in form. I'd still expect Barcelona to win this game considering the big match they have against Milan coming up. Reverse could also happen, Barcelona could allow themselves to lose this game ( considering the big point gap in la Liga) and use that as a mind game for AC Milan to come in to the Nou Camp overconfident. A lot can happen, but 4-0 is a bit pretentious if you ask me.

  • barca will lose ;)