Match Summary

Real Madrid Athletic Club
Creating scoring chances
Attacking down the wings
Creating chances using through balls
Creating long shot opportunities
Counter attacks
Attacking set pieces
Finishing scoring chances
(Team has no significant weaknesses)
Avoiding individual errors
Control the game in the opposition's half
Take long shots
Attack through the middle
Attacking down the right
Take a lot of shots
Short passes
Attempt through balls often

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Positional Report

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Comments (9)

  • You won a pollazo

  • i won.

  • Livescore.com also changed first benzema's goal to Aurtenetxe's own goal. So it's the right decision

  • My god!!! Why you change first benzema's goal?? Rectify !!! :(

  • Benzema 2 goals. Change it please

  • 59% possesion for Bilbao? I'm sorry but this can't be right!

  • Aurtenetxe own goal.

  • Hala Madrid!!

  • I'd be more excited about this match if Athletic's form was up to par with last season. Well, they're still a formidable team and their latest matches haven't been as catastrophic as the first ones. Real have been playing very powerful so to speak in their home, the style of football Athletic plays might as well lead them to concede a lot of goals in this game.