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  • I do understand it was due to "later analysis" but his match was far from perfect, and 10 is the perfect score is it not? I thought this was a site based on statistical analysis and not based on personal opinions. His match was undeniably far from perfect, he had only 76% pass accuracy, completely missed 55.5% of his shots, only converted 11.1% of his shots. It's impossible not to compare his performance to that of Messi yesterday (hitting the bar IS missing). Ronaldo: 2 KP, 2 Drb, 1 goal, 1 assist, 76% pass acc, 11.1% chance conversion. Rating: 10.0 Messi: 3 KP, 4 Drb, 2 goals, 0 assists, 89% pass acc, 28.5% chance conversion,. Rating: 9.92 What on earth is going on here? Messi also sometimes gets his rating overrated after matches, but this site should at least be consistent on the ratings it gives. I can't understand this "after match interference". The rating should be based on what they've done only statistically, at least that's what I thought this site would be based on.

  • 10 for Ronaldo?? That's weird. Had a great game, but surely a 10 (perfect rating)for that performance is absurd, even preposterous no?

  • You should also consider, that he gave an assist and 2 of those shots hit the bar. And besides being a constant threat to Atletico's defense during the whole match, he also did a good job helping out in defense occasionally (look at his defensive statistics). Bottom line, his performance was far the best in tonight's match, his goal and assist were decisive and his attitude was also admirable. PS: my room is not filled with his posters, only trying to state facts. Also there would be like at least 15 players from Real squad that I'd prefer to meet and have an autograph than him.

  • @raphaell666 It could be that his match rating increases due to the later analysis of the match and seeing his performance in relation to others. This can only be done towards the end of the match or even when it's done (as demonstrated by the increase from 9.4 to 9.7). I didn't watch the match so I don't know if this is far but it is a proposed explanation.

  • What, how come, 10 for Ronaldo? When the match ended his rating was 9.4, then just as it ended it went to 9.7 for no reason whatsoever, and now suddenly out of the blue it goes to 10 minutes after the match ended? What on earth? This is absurd. 9 Shots for 1 goal, 11.1% chance conversion, 10 rating? Absurd.

  • @DoubleV, lol i just like Atletico, and dislike Real, why so serious? :F I don't counted for this for real. Anyway, i except more from Atletico, hope a win in rematch. After all they definitely can more.

  • WTF?????!!!!!!! WHAT A FREEKICK FROM CR7!!!!!!!!!! HALA MADRID!!!!!!!!!

  • @xavihernandez, I think you should go see a doctor, inferiority complex is a disease.

  • Maybe manita? 0:5, 4x Falcao, Arda

  • Tight game. Im excited about seeing Falcao and Arda against Real.

  • Atletico will not lose I don't think. Great game to watch...

  • A dagger in Madrid's hopes for La Liga title. 2-1 Atletico