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  • Inler was one of Napoli's best players, despite the fact that he should have accumulated 5 yellow cards in the match.

  • Inler is a disgrace however forza Juve!

  • Buffon and Vucinic is out and @berhin Napoli lost 3-0 to PSV with a second string team

  • vucinic is out

  • The wing back battles should be fun, along with the rest of the many matchups.

  • 3-1 victory for Juve. Reasons: a) Juve are playing at home. b) With Chiellini back, Juve's ability to contain Napoli's counterattacking is much improved. c) Juve are consistent while Napoli are hot-and-cold. Case in point - 4-0 win against AIK followed by a 3-0 loss to PSV. d) Napoli's defense is overrated.

  • Dont see Juve losing. 1-1 draw.

  • This will most likely be a feast on the eyes.