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  • campione d'inverno :D

  • Matri 2 goals, maybe Quagliarella will leave.

  • Hello ) help me!! where does the rating of each player as he thought?))Thanks***

  • i think 1-3 to juventus

  • @samanja 57-54= 3 losses, in 2011-2012 no losses , in this year 2012-2013 2 losses where is the 3rd lose ? Never mind ....

  • ok, now makes sense!

  • @dilaru d statistic is absolutely right juventus Neva lost last season in the league Nd jes lost twice dis season makin dem undefeated in 54 of their last 57. The venue of dis encounter shod be a + for juventus ,so a 2 goal margin is certain.

  • Juventus are undefeated in 54 of their last 57 matches in Serie A ???? You must be kidding . In what year / edition of the championship, this season has already Juventus 2 defeats, so but the string of victories was interrupted by Milan and Inter on 3 NOV and 25 Nov..... Bad statistics on your part, please check your stats. I think today Juventus will lose again. 2-1

  • hope juve wont win!!! but they have 12 player on the pitch:(

  • Trust me, Juventus will score 4 goals minimum tonight.

  • made a mistake, of course it was meant to be the other way round. fixed now :) thanks for the feedback guys

  • I agree with the comment the other guy made!!! WTF@ score prediction!

  • WTF???????