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  • milan should lose 7-0

  • match should've ended 4-0, 5-0, maybe even 6-0 to Roma should've never ended in 4-2 Milan's 1st goal oi49.tinypic.com/n2irfn.jpg Milan's 2nd goal sphotos-h.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/150680_512632752091820_1872014886_n.jpg excerpt from goal.com on marquinhos: "The young centre-back responded magnificently to the challenge of shackling Milan's potent forward line, conceding very little space in defence alongside Burdisso. Victim of a RIDICULOUS red card decision that put Roma in trouble"

  • This is what happens when I pick the correct formation. And when DDR is in dead center middle.

  • Has Milan Played Tonight,I have not see them on Field hehehehe Bravo Roma


  • Samanja is stupid. there is marquinho(S) and marquinh(o). like jacop said

  • @JacopoP thats rlly confusing!

  • milan wins 0-2 or 1-3

  • @samanja they are two different players: Marquinhos and Marquinho (with no "s") ;)

  • 2:2

  • You indicated Marquinho out with Injury yet still made your possible line up..

  • This will be an exciting tactical battle, Roma's physicality will be a problem for Milan unless they can chose the right time to damange, which is something they have been fairly good at this year.

  • are you talkin about the red card? the only stays for coppa italia games. so serie a games he can play. he is only banned 3 games for coppa italia we also could put DDR in the back like during Euro 2012 to pair with marcos. then have taxi in the middle

  • I feel you. I'm down for De Rossi in the middle, hopefully he doesnt slow down the game by holding the ball too long. Zeman used your formation during training, hopefully Osvaldo could actually be part of the game this week.

  • i hope zeman does this formation stek piris burdisso marcos balza bradley DDR pjanic lamela osvaldo totti castan is suspended for yellow cards ddr is the man to make the middle flow and control it.