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  • @anatoly13: Good points I'm not sure why you are downvoted but I thought it was more a 4-3-3. From left to right: Pasqual, Savic, Rodriguez, Tomovic; Borja Valero, Pizarro, Aquilani; Ljajic, Jovetic, Cuadrado. I think the only difference is that I would classify Cuadrado as a right winger as he pushes forward so frequently on the right whereas Tomovic was staying back and covering for him.

  • WHat the fuck.. we need the special one again

  • The tactical formation of Fiore is incorrect in this translation. They rather play 4-4-2. In the middle Cuardado stays wide right, Pizarro is DM, Valero and Aquilani play box to box, when Aquilani is more prone to play for attack. Ljajic plays second striker from the depth of the left wind and Jovetic is deep-slayed centre forward.

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