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  • Did I saw wrong or did El Shaarawy get a yellow somewhere around the 80th minute?

  • By the way, a great victory and I'm very proud of the team, especially Pazzini who had a brilliant game.

  • It's okay, I understand.

  • SignorEskola, we would love to be able to wait more to write previews and give you the most recente news here on Whoscored.com, but unfortunately there are some deadlines to be respected (Friday afternoon) for the previews to be published. That would be the only reason for us to miss such a major piece of news like Balotelli's unavailability.

  • balotelli had an knee injury

  • Don't rush with these match previews, you should take a look at the match squads before doing a preview so you can know which players are available and which are not.

  • Constant will not play!!!

  • Balotelli will not play!!!

  • balotelli is out

  • Milan easy win